Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to the club and give me some blood

I didn't have to give blood, but I got my invite to Ravelry! We were talking about it at LIC Knits last night and I said I had heard that the invite ended up in some peoples Bulk Folders and that I was afraid that had happened to me because I never look in my bulk folder. I thought I was going to have to add my name to the waiting list again, but when I got home last night and checked my email - there was my invite - Yippee!!

I won't blather on about it but it is really cool and if you aren't on the waiting list yet - go, now, I'll wait for you.

I brought MS3 last night and I actually got some knitting done - I finishes about another 4 or 5 rows. As soon as I can download some pictures I will post an update. It is turning out to be a lovely design and I love the colourmart yarn - if you haven't checked out the website yet look here. You won't be sorry. I also found a great place to order Addi Lace needles, free shipping on needles! and they carry Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns.

More later.....

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