Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pump it up until you can feel it.

Where to start? Lets see, I finally finished Clue 2 of MS3:

I love how this is coming, the colourmart yarn is very nice to work with and once it is washed and blocked it is going to be a perfect size and oh so soft!

Last weekend I was called up by the Red Cross (I volunteer through a program at work) to help out in Manattan by the steam pipe explosion. We handed out food and water to the response workers - the cops, firemen, ConEd, OEM and others who are working on fixing the pipe and the cleanup. It was a great experience.
That is me with some of my coworkers, Red Cross staff and a member of the NYPD Community Affairs division. It was fun volunteering this time because it was not disaster relief, we weren't dealing with people who were hurt, or had lost their homes - that can be hard.

Sunday we took the boys (Jeff comes with his brother from school on Friday and goes back Monday morning on the train with Robert) to Phillipsburg NJ to take a train ride - it was a lovely day, warm and sunny - we had a nice time:
Although you can see the boys were so excited they fell asleep!

Tmrw David wants to do this - looks like fun!


Ruinwen said...

That is so nice of you to donate your time like that! And that shawl is just lucious! :)

N. Maria said...

Oh, my, it looks like you and lace knitting are good friends!
Great looking stole.
I love to help out in the community, too. You must be a good person.