Friday, February 08, 2008

And I thought, be still my heart ..This could be a brand new start

Last week there was a final notice from the post office that I had a package to pick up - mind you this was also the first notice I received, but whatever. I finally got to the PO yesterday and picked up this:

Socks! 003

My Ravelry Caffeine Exchange package - it was post marked Sept. 13, 2007.

I started the heel on my Rangers socks - though with the way the are playing lately I feel like like ripping them out and picking a new sport and team to root for ( I won't though )

Socks! 001
This is what it looked like last night before I got to the heel.

Now that my computer is finally working right I am trying to upload all my CD's into itunes, cause I like to put it on shuffle while I type and surf the net, but it seems to be taking forever to import them. I would like to get it done this weekend if I can - the boys will be camping and David is working so after I visit my mother in the hospital I will be free to veg all weekend!


Ruinwen said...

Glad your package found its way to you! Beautiful socks! :)

Melissa said...

blah, what do you mean how they are playing? - Man, we lost to you and the Islanders this week! I mean the Rangers, ok, but the Islanders???

CraftyGryphon said...

Any particular sock pattern you're using? Such lovely, neat stitches you make...

Oh, man, the post office lost *that* Halloween-themed package for a bit, eh?