Thursday, September 29, 2005

I never could get the hang of Thursdays

ugh - I am sick, tired and achey today. I have had a migraine and migraine hangover since Saturday - this has progressed into a head cold/sinus mess and I am feeling miserable. My boss is on vacation this week so calling in sick is not an option.

The only thing left to do is post some eye candy. Looky what came in the mail yesterday:

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lace wt tencel/cotton from Mystical Creations the color is vanilla & this

Image hosted by
fingering wt merino also from Mystical Creations in peach harvest.

I feel much better just looking at them! Anyone have any suggestions for the tencel? I have never used anything this fine before or in this fiber. The wool is gorgeous - soft and warm and the colors - beautiful! I am definitely going to order from them again.

I have been reading many blogs and have seen beautiful pictures of peoples gardens (especially Norma's) so I thought I would post a picture of mine - it is hard work, but the rewards of gardening are so worth it:
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Isn't it great - the only thing I have not killed!

I also cast on for another project (surprise, surprise knitting ADD strikes again) - I am knitting this in this - here is a pic of the first few rows - I am hoping to finish this in time to wear to Rhinebeck.
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It is a simple pattern and an easily remembered stitch, minimal shaping and small pieces - if I knit every day - I am pretty sure I will have it done in time. I finished about 5 inches last night so I am almost up to the armhole shaping.

Well my head is pounding and my nose is running and my lunch is almost over - so it is back to work for me.



Micky said...

Beautiful fiber and a beautiful top.
Be well.

Sedie said...

the yarn is yummmmy!!! I hope you find a great project for them.

Anonymous said...

What lovely yarn! I can't wait to see the finished bolero, too, especially in the aubergine yarn.

Your Secret Pal

Trixie said...

Mango Salsa needs some ideas for using up smaller amounts of yarn and for making junior sized ponchos. Itgirl suggested that you might be able to direct her to some resources. Mango is knitting up some stuff donated by Itgirl for a PTA fundraiser for her daughter's school. If you have suggestions, just post to my site and I will forward to Mango. Thanks so much. And you have lovely taste by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

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