Thursday, November 03, 2005

Greetings from suburbia

There are some advantages to training at the corporate offices - great hotel rooms, free breakfast coupons, free lunch @ the brand new company cafeteria - but I really miss being home - I want my own bed and the 11:00 news to be on at 11 - Late night is NOT 10:30!

Two more days and I will be home - training is going well - but I have a feeling that whoever designed the training never actually had to go through it. At least I got a lot of knitting done on the plan and hope to get a lot more done on the way home. I will have pictures once I load them.

I won't have time to visit any LYS - I was really hoping I would get a chance - I also won't get downtown Chicago proper - I am stuck in the land of shopping malls and chain restaurants. I just do not have a Midwestern mind set - I never did appreciate Chicagoland ( I am an urban snob - there is only 1 City - THE City! NYC) Chicago never cut it for me.


Beth said...

Hey Colette - I know what you mean about missing home. After about 2 days, I'm ready to go back too.

I must confess, I've never been to NYC. DD#2 and I were just discussing this last night and talking about how great it would be to visit before Christmas. But I don't know if I can swing it this year. She's hoping though!

KathyMarie said...

Those of us who live on the fringes of "Chicagoland" (until the mighty beast envelopes us) loathe the crap out of that name and that area, mostly. My sympathies... downtown Chicago is much more interesting than the suburbs.

knit chick said...

Are you in Schaumburg? That's 'burban hell (this Chicago-proper gal ducks as tomatoes are thrown). I can totally relate. Bummer you won't be able to visit any LYS. There are a few in the 'burbs. I can suggest one or two if you have a rental car to get there.

Collette said...

Ooh, them's fighting words about Chicago. (You can slam the suburbs all you like. I have sort of a pet peeve about people saying they're from Chicago when they obviously are not.
"Are you from Chicago?," they ask.
"Me, too!"
"Really?," I say. "Where?"
"[Insert suburb located 30 miles from downtown]."
"Oh." [Screaming inside my head.])
You are, as knit chick says, in 'burban hell--land of strip malls, chain restaurants and giant parking lots. Yikes. Come on down to the loop--we'll show you Chicago!

knit chick said...

I have the same pet peeve as Collette. I've run into that many times.

~ urban snob and proud of it. ;)