Friday, October 28, 2005

That about sums it up

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Your ideals are mostly spiritual, but in an individualistic way. While spirituality is very important in your life, organized religion itself may not be for you. It is best for you to seek these things on your own terms.

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I have the apt. to myself tonight - David and the boys left for a camping trip - they will be back in time to drive me to the airport on Sunday. So tonight I am surfing the net, watching the Devils (Boo) and trying to decide what knitting projects to take on the trip. Tomorrow I have to wash all my clothes, pack, get a haircut, go to Target to see if I can find this (- it's cold in Chicago and I new a new coat in a neutral color to go with all the great scarves and shawls I have made or received in swaps and exchanges. ) I also have to wash and pack my mothers stuff for her stay at the respite center.

I hope I like my haircut, I usually wear it very short, but I am trying to let it grow out a little - unfortunately I have fine, but curly hair - so as it grows it grows out instead of down and I look like a qtip. Well we will see - if it looks good I will post - if not, you won't see me gracing the pages of this blog anytime soon.

So last night, David and I went for a romantic anniversary dinner at our (his) favorite restaurant - you may have heard of it - Chez Sizzler. We go there for almost every anniversary - he is such a romantic!

I will have my laptop on my trip so I should be able to post while I am away - I will let you know if I find any really cool yarn shops



Megann said...

I couldn't get to your email address, so I'm just leaving you a comment. The salon I went to is in the East Village, its called Soon, and it was a really cute place. You can find it on CitySearch. They also have a west side location, too. The cool thing is that they do what they call a maintenance cut - so, a few weeks after you get your regular hair cut, you can make an appointment for a maintenance cut for $10 to keep up the shape. I saw Shelli-Rose, who was amazing.

Micky said...
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Micky said...

So when your hair grows out, do you wear tu-tus so you can look like the dancers from Fantasia?
I just love that movie. Because of Mickey Mouse's Sorcerer's Apprentice. Sorry, you said Q-tip and that is what ran through my mind.
Have a good trip and be safe.

(sorry about the delete, munchkin came along and messed the comment all up and didn't notice till it posted lol)

Micky said...

Happy Halloween!