Friday, October 07, 2005

Flotsom & Jetsom

I hadn't realized how long it had been since last I blogged. A few times I tried to get in but blogger kept giving me an attitude, so I just stopped trying.

Let's see - what is going on? Work is busy right now - We are getting a complete computer system upgrade and all the Field Assistants are being trained as power users - sort on local system support - and we are being trained first. I am leaving the 30 for a week in Chicago - if anyone can recommend a good LYS in the Chicago/Lake Forest/Niles area - I would appreciate it. Especially if they are open late - training is supposed to run from 8 - 5 every day. I am flying out on Sunday evening so I doubt I will be able to do any shopping that night.

There is nothing on TV tonight - Friday is my Sci Fi Channel night but Stargate and Atlantis are in reruns and I don't like any of the new shows that are on. So far I am not overly impressed with this new season. There are only a few shows I am hooked on:

Bones - David Boreanez is still hot -- even without fangs and a leather coat.
Supernatural - great show! delicious chills and good story writing love this show
Invasion - boy am I hooked on this one - really clever and well done and the story keeps you guessing about what is going to happen next and what is up with the different characters.
The Night Stalker - I like this one - guess you can tell I like spooky TV - I am watching this I/o CSI cause I figure it probably won't last and I can catch CSI in reruns.

Thank goodness Hockey is back!!!!! I love to sit and knit and scream at the TV while watching a game. I have been a Ranger fan since I was 10 years old and my girlfriend Kathy and her dad got me hooked on the sport and the Rangers. I was really disappointed with the loss last night - but if you take that many stupid penalties you are going to lose more often than not - they were lucky Wednesday night against Boston. Tonight I am watching the Devils/Flyers - can you hope both teams lose?

I frogged the elann shrug - I totally misread a section of the pattern and screwed up royally - I am not too upset though the new pattern on their site is a much better fit for my more ample endowments. I am going to start over after I finish my green stole.

I think I am going to use the tencel/cotton yarn I bought for the Mediterranean
Lace shawl from AGOL - I really like the shaping on this shawl and think this yarn would work beautifully for this.

One more week till Rhinebeck!!!! I am really glad it was not this weekend - this weather sucks! I hope everything is dry and cool next weekend. I would love to meet up with any bloggers who are going to be there on Saturday. Mind you I do not need anymore yarn - I am being pushed out of my apt by the ever increasing stash! AND I just ordered a bunch of yarn from Knitpicks - I had one skein each of autumn alpaca cloud and maple leaf shimmer and wanted more to make a larger shawl out of each and since I needed a few more things to get to $30 and free shipping, I also ordered 4 redwood forest shadow and the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan pattern.

I plan to stay in all weekend and knit - the boys are in Fla this week, so it is just David and I and since we are mostly broke ( and I am saving what money I do have for next week) this will be a stay at home weekend. Hopefully the weather will finally cool off and I can enjoy the knits I have made or received from my SP's this past year.

Don't have any pictures to liven up this post - nothing really worth taking - I will post the stole when it is done and the yarn when it arrives.


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Lynae - said...

I just happened upon your blog. I live in between Niles and Lake Forest! Here are a few stores, but I am unsure of their hours.

Three Bags Full - 1130 Shermer Rd, Northbrook -
847) 291-9933

Keweenaw Shepard - 202 E. Westminsterm Lake Forest, IL
(847) 295-9524

Village Knit Whiz
1802 Glenview Road
Glenview, IL 60025
(847) 998-9772

Glenview is just north of Niles - Pat at the Knit Whiz has TONS of yarn, but can be a bit brusque....she is a doll though!

The shop in Northbrook is north of Glenview - they are SUPER nice and have great classes!

The shop in Lake Forest is small, but very friendly.