Monday, September 04, 2006

Do you have the time To listen to me whine

About nothing and everything All at once

David just left for Albany again -I really can't wait for this training to be over - I hate his being gone all week, its lonely and I miss him. Thursday I took Amtrak to Albany, he met me at the train station and we went out to dinner - Olive Garden, of course. We had a lovely time, and this hotel is much better than the last one. He has a suite with a little kitchen - I made him buy food to keep in his room, so that he is not eating fast food for every meal. Friday he had class so I spent the morning on my laptop in Starbucks and the afternoon at the Mall and Barnes & Noble. I spent all the overtime money I earned in Jersey last week but it was worth it - I bought cute shoes in payless, 2 fantastic bras in Lane Bryant - I wear a 38 DD and it is very hard to find bras that fit and are really supportive without looking matronly , so I was thrilled to find all these great bras in LB - pretty, sexy and full support -I will definitely buy my bras there from now on! I also picked up 2 CD's, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday and I spent $$ in CVS - I am a lipstick whore - can't resist buying new lipstick as well as hair care products - I spend a fortune on hair care. Funny how my hair never looks it.

We picked the boys up on the way back on Saturday - it was too bad the weather was so awful - we were stuck in the house all day. The boys are excited about starting HS tmrw. I really hope they like it and do well. I hated HS, so I try not to pass my negativity on to them - David loved HS, so hopefully they will too.

Yesterday, we took a ride to home depot for some washers, we have a leak in the bathroom. While we were there, we picked out some of the stuff we will be needing to refurnish our apt. We found a ceiling fan we liked for the living room, and I picked out paint for the living room, kitchen and hallway.

The best part of taking the train on Thursday was all the time I had to knit - I got a lot done on the test pattern:

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I have done more since and I hope to be up to the spilt by the time I get to LIC SnB tmrw night. It's been weeks since I was there and I am really looking forward to getting back, but it will be different now that Maritza is gone - she should be settling in to her new home, but I am really going to miss her!

One last look at the yarn:
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Veronique said...

38DD? Damn. I have to opposite problem: I can never find bras small enough to actually fit me :(
That's crazy pooling you're getting on the test pattern. Good crazy I mean!

sulu-design said...

Glad to catch up with you again - I've missed you and your posts! Redoing the apartment is always fun. And the test pattern is really cool - I'm digging the pooling, too! Hope to see you soon. (P.S. - thanks for your kind comments on my blog. You're too sweet.)

cynic the lamb said...

Glad to hear you had a good weekend with David. The boys will love high school (maybe).
Wow, you've got a lot of knitting done. Looks great! Those colors are delicious. They make me crave figs.
I will miss you, too. I hope to see you guys soon, though. Meanwhile, when a new chick walks in, asks if this is LICknit, slams the door in her own face while trying to walk into the cafe, and trips on one of your chairs and goes flying when walking down the ailse to seat herself, you'll know you guys have found my temporary replacement. Take care! Happy knitting!

Knitty Cat said...

36 DD here. I've simply resorted to buying my bras online. It's the only place I can find 'em. Lane bryant doesn't go down to 36. >:P

Sundara said...

Thought I'd check in on the sweater. That is some crazy pooling going on. I hope you don't mind it. I actually think it looks kinda cool.

Trixie said...

I have the same bra size and completely understand what you mean...

Last March a bunch of bras went are super clearance at Macy's because they were fall colors: rich reds, eye popping magenta, royal purple, etc. I got them for $9 where they were normally $40! I was so thrilled! Then I found matching cotton panties at Target.

Why is something as small as a bra (and yes, I know mine are not really "small") so pricey????