Sunday, September 17, 2006

There's a stain on my notebook, Where your coffee cup was

Just as someone else I know, I was anxiously awaiting this weekend, my bestest bud, Marilyn was meeting me for our supposed to be monthly girls day out. This time she was coming into Queens, and I decided we would go somewhere different. We usually go to Forest Hills and I was tired of the same old sameold, instead we had a wonderful brunch at Cafe Henri in LIC, we split a goat cheese and mushroom and a chocolate banana crepe. It was yummy! Then we walked around the neighborhood - going in and out of shops - I found this at a second hand store:

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and these:

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I love the black rose button.

Then we drove back to my neighborhood and I finally got a chance to visit the Atlas Park Mall, it is really weird, like stepping into a suburban mall dream sequence. It did not feel like Glendale at all. Some interesting stores though, saw a fabulous pair of brown suede boots I would kill for and lots of fall fashions. I love fall and can't wait for the cool weather to finally get here.

A few weeks ago I filled out a survey from Senseo on their coffee maker - when we were in Paris a few years ago the apt we stayed in had one of these and I fell in love with the coffee! I even wrote the company when we came home to see if it was available in the states. It was not at the time so I forgot about it - Then I received this email questionnaire, if I qualified they would send me a free coffee maker, so I filled it out and guess what - I got my coffee maker yesterday! I am so excited - I got the coffee maker and a box of coffee pods. I am going to bring it to work and put it in my office - finally one perfect cup of coffee whenever I want.

David left this morning for his last week in Albany - neither of us can wait till this is over. Next Sunday he leaves for 2 weeks in Atlanta and then he finally starts work in the Bronx. It will be so wonderful not to have him gone any more.


sulu-design said...

Fun, fun finds in L.I.C. I hope your weekend lived up to your expectations - it sure sounds like it did.

Nancy said...

See the Bronx is a harbinger of good things;)

cynic the lamb said...

I see you discovered the wonders of "Just Things." I love that shop; they've got some pretty good stuff if you dig enough.
And hooray for good coffee! Hooray for free coffee-makers! Hooray for David coming back for good soon!

Valerie said...

...sigh, and now I have to go download Squeeze songs off of iTunes Store...

sulu-design said...

Second comment - a bit random here, but... good Vietnamese food may be found at Thai Son (not Thai as is Thailand, and not son as in male child - I just can't add the appropriate punctuation or accent marks here) at 89 Baxter Street, just south of Canal.

Trenchant Maiden said...

ok this is the third time i am trying to leave a comment.....hoping it will finally work!!
That things store is just great (even if Ann does talk like a man!!)
enjoy your new coffee maker and the good coffee it will yield!!