Thursday, July 21, 2005

I got nuttin....

so I stole this from Wild Yarn:

Name three things you can't live without. David, yarn, chocolate
What fictional character would you like to hang out with? Rachel from Dead Witch Walking
What are you most afraid of? Being homeless
What song always makes you cry? Me and Bobby McGee by Janis - bawl like a baby
What makes you laugh harder than anything? Being with David - we laugh alot
What would you choose to come back as in your next life? A bear - I can totally do sleeping all winter and eating all summer
What is the best advice you were given by yourself or someone else? Do what you feel in your heart is true.
What still surprises you? How truely hurtful people can be. (I have to agree with Dawn here)
What quality can make you instantly connect with someone? a sense of humor (here too)
What turns you off right away? Meaness/rudeness
If you could read the works of only one person, who would that be? Dilbert
What's really difficult for you? Facing unpleasant truths/responsibilities
What do you wish you had done differently? Gone away to school when I had the chance
Where do you do your most creative thinking? Oh the sofa
What motivates to many of you actions? Selfishness
What do you want done with your body when you die? Dust in the wind
Psychic or Shrink? Healer
Vintage or modern? Vintage
Cat or Dog? yes
What is your mantra? Relax - it will get better

So what about you?


Trixie said...

Can I also be a bear ?
I love the idea. I would also have a nice cozy den, a snuggly coat, and get to splash and play in the water.

Dani said...

I want to know how many people do their best creative thinking in the shower - that is SO the place where I get these ideaas and of course no pen or paper to write them down!