Thursday, July 14, 2005

Knitting content - whoda thunk that!

Here is the happier, knitting content I promised. First here are the prizes I won last week:

Image hosted by
Red Soho yarn from knitorious and beaded necklace and bracelet from

Lace Leaf Shawl when I ran out of yarn
Image hosted by

LLS after I added black cotton border unblocked
Image hosted by

LLS blocking
Image hosted by

LLS detail closeup
Image hosted by

Haremail Package
Image hosted by Lots of cool stuff in there. I love the bunny cookie cutters!

Now off to finish my mystery shawl and wind the catalina yarn for the next LLS - speaking of which The Yarn Tree, where I bought this yarn is having a sale starting this weekend - I am going to go back and buy more so I can make the larger size this time. I think I will head over there on Sunday morning, before heading over to Grand Central Station - I have a 2 day business meeting at the Stamford Marriott and I decided to take the train so I could knit lace on the trip there. Anybody know a good yarn shop in Stamford?


Beth said...

Hey Colette - I love the LLS - it is stunning! And I really dig the black edges. Hmmm, I might have to consider this one to make for myself.

Bron said...

The shawl is really beautiful - great job! Such lovely yarn packages too. :)

Kary said...

YiPpEE ... what a pretty shawl!! The border is a grand addition. It is wonderful ... N~joy!

marti said...

That black edging is dramatic, a very nice finishing touch.

KnitNana said...

Colette - the LLS is just out of this world...and running out of yarn was seredipitous, I'd say - the black edging is wonderful! Congrats on the wins - gee that's red, too, another item for the Knit Red KAL?? hmmmm?

Heather said...

LLS is beautiful, love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colette, I love the Leaf Lace Shawl. I have been considering one for myself. What a neat solution, the black border really picks up the colors of the shawl and makes more impact on the points. Perfect.

Michele said...

Oh very nice LLS! And your lovely parcels! What a lucky knitter you are! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Susan said...

Gotta get a me too in here. That black edge is great! It really adds to the shawl. Looks like you planned it that way.

I forsee other people doing this now - you may have started a trend.

Birdsong said...

I love the red leaf shawl, very creative "save" there, or as the commentator at the Black Sheep Gathering fashion show kept reminding us "design feature".

Alison said...

Beautiful. I love the color and the black border is wonderful!

Micky said...

That shawl is beautiful. I think you were meant to run out of yarn just so you could edge it in black. It really pulls it all together.
Well wishes to you and your family.

suzann said...

Your shawl is great! I love the leaf pattern.

You'll have fun designing your own shawl. Designing can be addictive.

withahook said...

LOVE the colors in the shawl, it's gorgeous!!!

Impossible Princess said...

I dont think I have enough patince for soethinglike rock!

~drew emborsky~ said...

wow, fantastic projects! You are very talented!!

Deb said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes:) That shawl is gorgeous!! I love the black edging!

rhi said...

What a gorgeous shawl! Thanks for suggesting I come over and take a look.... now I know what to do with all my verigated yarns you saw! :)

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