Friday, July 08, 2005

A shawl is born - maybe

I should finish my Lace Leaf Shawl tonight - I would post pictures but my camera battery is dead - I was having trouble deciding what I want to start on next - I have tons of patterns and boxes of yarn but nothing sprang to mind. I thought what I really want to do is design my own pattern! So friends I have decided to try and design my own triangle lace shawl ala Kiri, FBS & LLS - I went through all my stitch directories, got out my graph paper a pencil and have set to work. I have no doubt this will be a long and laborious process that may never amount to anything, but I really needed to feel like I was creating something new and completely my own - must be hormonal. I will keep you posted on the progress.

I also found this pattern to use with that skein of Mountain Colors I bought in CT last month. I like the shape - I'm just not crazy about all that garter stitch. I wonder if I can change that to something more lacey without running out of yarn - any ideas?

I have a whole bunch of old Knit & Style and Knitters magazines I plan to get rid of - I have way too many books overcrowding my apt. I need to go to Target and pick up more Rubbermaid totes to store things in the basement. That's the thing I hate about cleaning - you do it once and you have to keep doing it. I am good at getting things done - it's the maintenance I can't handle.

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I'm intrigued, what exactly is "pagan massage"... sounds so unusual!