Saturday, July 23, 2005

shawls, stoles and scarves oh my

Not much to post about so I'm going for the picture being worth 1000 words. Here is a picture of the Simply Elegant Shawl from Heartstrings:

Image hosted by I am using one sk. of mountain colors weavers wool in wilderness - I will just keep knitting till I run out of yarn. This yarn is lovely to work with and the colors are amazing.

Here is picture of the fabulous purple stole I received from my crochetville secret pal Tandi (quirkyvirgo) Image hosted by Isn't it beautiful, and so soft! This is a shot of the rest if the goodies in my reveal package: Image hosted by Thank you Tandi - I love everything!

And lastly here is a picture of the scarf I am making for Celia's scarf exchange:
Image hosted by I had one sk. of Halcyon Yarn's victorian brushed mohair that I received from clothesknit for my coming in 2nd in her FBS contest. I used a provisional cast on because I wasn't sure how long one skein would go, so this way I can add a border if I need more length. I am using this pattern - I thought it was lacy yet not too busy for the yarn.


DAWN said...

That purple stole is lovely! I love the color as well.

Micky said...

That color you are using for that shawl is beautiful. I am sure it will be very pretty when you finish it.

Juli said...

The colors in your shawl are amazing!! Very pretty stole that you received. :)

Heather said...

That purple store is gorgeous. I love mohair, it's so pretty. Good luck it! I'm finishing a cardi for my daughter and boy is mohair hard to frog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked everything Colette! I really enjoyed being your secret pal!


Ina said...

Nice scarf! Can't wait to see it blocked.

amanda said...

the purple mohair has found it's destiny! it looks so good :O)