Monday, August 21, 2006

City of the dead At the end of another lost highway

Signs misleading to nowhere

Yes I got lost on the way to Somerset on Sunday. I always get lost in NJ - I swear this state has something against me. My 1 hour drive (ha - even without getting lost it would have taken me more than an hour) took 2 1/2 hours. But I arrived safely and have been working ever since.

I will miss the LIC SnB tmrw - that is what I really regret, but at least David is gone this week too so I am not home alone.

I have finished about 10" on the Sundara Pattern, so I will have progress shots soon. I am liking it more and more as it is knitting up!

I can't wait to get home on Friday though, living out of a suitcase lost it's appeal awhile ago. I am "overly caffeinated" tonight so if I am not making much sense, blame the beer.



Melissa said...

"overly caffeinated" huh?

can't wait to see the "knitting in nj hotel room progress"

sulu-design said...

Will miss you at SnB. I love how the new euphamism has taken hold - horray for being overly caffinated!

cynic the lamb said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Damn beer with all its damn caffeine!