Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Through the fiery caverns we sail

Virgil at my side my guide and master
Questing through the nine plains of hell
Infernal wisdom shall fill my soul
Slowly now the days departing
The darkened air releases me

Ok, so maybe it is not that hot out, but it is close. Of course I am now sitting in my office, wearing a fleece jacket over my sundress and my portable heater is on under my desk - that doesn't change the fact that it really is 100 degrees out. The A/C in my building is a little wacked - in the back by the conference rooms, where my office is - is freezing!! But up front where the branch office and the counter are - not so much. The warehouse is a sweatbox.

I have no a/c in my car and normally that does not bother me, see I never planned on Global Warming being part of my car buying decision process. It was so hot driving home last night I was actually feeling a little woosey; when I got home, I jumped in a cool shower and put my pj's on. It was too hot to even go knit with the LIC SnB - the thought of getting dressed again and getting back in my Korean torture devise commonly know as a Hyundai was just too much. I stayed on my sofa with the a/c on going through the new interweave Knits. There are a few patterns in there I would like to make especially the Wonderlust Hoodie and the Swallowtail Shawl. I love when new knit mags show up in my mail.

Tonight I have to run out to the store w/David - he went shopping for work clothes yesterday for his new rr job, he also picked up work boots - 'cept they are 2 different boots and they are both left feet. Now I know he had 2 left feet, but buying boots to fit em won't help that problem.

On another note - one of the women in my SnB makes jewelry and has opened and Etsy shop - check out Susan's work - it is lovely.


Trixie said...

Have you been reading Itgirl's blog? The same AC vent is pointed at her desk which is obviously pointed at your's! Poor thing doesn't even have AC when she gets home, which you at least do.

My Korean torture device was in the shop last week for another $400. *sigh* I love my car but when the warranty is up everything goes to shit. This is the second time. Don't know what we will do about a second family car and can't even begin to think about it.

Stay cool any way you can!

cynic the lamb said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Perfect use of Dante there! Yes, it IS that bad out there. I had to to pay Charon to go out with my dog tonight, and even he told me to mind the heat.

sulu-design said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I posted the pesto recipe on my blog for you. Happy cooking (and knitting/crocheting/crafting/etc. - but those go without saying)!