Monday, October 16, 2006

Good manners and bad breath get you nowhere

I have fallen victim to the blogger funk that is going around, I just really haven't had anything to say.

Fall does that to me - it is my favorite time of the year, but it makes me very introspective, and somewhat antisocial. I spend a lot of time thinking, not talking or blogging.

This however should be a very social weekend, my friend Carolyn and I and another girlfriend are driving up to Rhinebeck Saturday, where we will meet up with other members of the LIC SnB. I had originally planned on taking David's car and driving up a whole group, but he and the boys will be camping this weekend, so I have drastically less room in my car to fit people. A classic case of autoclaustrophobia.

I have to go back to the Dr. tonight - I thought the xrays came back ok, I guess not - he wants to see me tonight. I am still having pain in my hip, so hopefully he will be able to identify the problem and we can fix it. I am tired of limping around.

I will be wearing Melissa's Sundara pattern to Rhinebeck on Sunday - I just have to finish sewing the seams.

See everyone there!


Nancy said...

I haven't even finished the knitting on my Rhinebeck sweater, let along the seaming. Oh well there's still five days to go.

Hope to see you there!

cynic the lamb said...

Good luck at the doctor's. I hope everything is alright. I can't wait to see you guys at Rhinebeck!!!!! (How's that for exclamation points? Too many or not enough? I'm on the fence about that one.) Seriously, I am so ridiculously psyched to see you again.
Can't wait to see the sweater too. I'll bet it looks fabulous. Any chance of a sneak peek?
By the way, "autoclaustrophobia" is my new favorite word. Brilliant!!!

sulu-design said...

I hope all goes well with at the doctor's and that we'll see you tomorrow to hear how you are. I understand the need for a blogging break. It seems a lot of bloggers have recently needed a little time off. Take care of yourself!

Melissa said...

oooh, i'll get to see the sweater saturday! how exciting! i wish i could wear mine and we could be twins, but it's still off traveling in the world. oh well, some other time ;)