Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am one of those Melodramatic fools Neurotic to the bone

Weak, thinning bone. That's what the doctor tells me anyway. I have to go for a bone density test Monday to see how weak and thin - I'll keep you posted.

On to much more interesting news - last night was my SnB nite - I swear I get less knitting done on knit night then any other - lots of laughing and talking, but not much knitting. Last night included my second most favorite thing - shopping! Lookie what I bought from Susan:

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Pardon the crappy photography - I took these this morning in a rush. Aren't they gorgeous? I love Susan's designs, and you too gentle reader can own your own gorgeous pieces - visit her etsy shop She is running a free shipping special this month, so you can get great earrings and save money - buy 2 pair! It is worth it to see how beautifully she packages her designs when she ships them out.

The purple stone earrings are a perfect match for my Sundara sweater, look:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (again, sorry for the crappy picture)
Just a glimpse of the finished sweater - you can see the whole thing Saturday at Rhinebeck. I should be pretty easy to spot in those amazing colors.

See some of you there!


Trenchant Maiden said...

well, fantastically you now have earrings to wear with your lovely sweater to Rhinebeck (where I'm sure you will have a fantasstic time)
As for your bones, they seem to be fine....but just in case, you will be in my thoughts with many hopes for a positive test result (I don't mean that as you testing positive for bad things you realize)
Feel better soon!!

cynic the lamb said...

Hope to see you Saturday - I can't miss out on seeing that gorgeous sweater in person, not to mention seeing you as well. =)

sulu-design said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about my designs! I'm so glad that you like them - that pair that you got to wear with your sweater is an unbelieveable match. I hope I get to see the sweater in its entirety sson. Have a great time this weekend. And I hope all goes well with your medical tests.