Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't waste now, precious time we'll dance inside the song

Yesterday was a great day! 2 of my Account Managers took me to lunch - Luigi's in New Hyde Park. It was a truly amazing meal! I want to take David there one night - they serve great Chicken Parm, so he will eat there. It was a lovely lunch, they even had a chocolate lava cake with white chocolate ice cream and a candle for me.

Last night, the LIC Knitting group had a Holiday party at Carolyn's that was great fun. We all brought food - Susan's bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates and Mia's amazing cookies were perfect bookends for Carolyn's Paella! Yum. Not much knitting was done, but fun was had by all.
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That last picture was me trying to get a shot of the view from Carolyn's window, instead I got both the view outside and the scene inside the apartment. I liked the effect.

All in all, turning 45 was not so bad.


Melissa said...

i'm sorry i missed the fun! but last night the company rocked out to karoke. i was the only sober one towards the end of the night - and the first designer here at 10:15am. oh, and it's 2:25pm and there are now only 2 of us here! other 3? missing in action!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm, you make the holidays look so cozy! Very impressed with your knitting projects. I SO do not have that kind of talent. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday!!!
And happy holidays too!

sulu-design said...

Happy birthday! I think we need to get together more often for meals (without the kniting!).