Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Monday

This was a really good weekend! Friday I met Illanna of knit powers to peace. at Barnes & Noble in Forest Hills - we are both doing the Mystery Stole KAL - her yarn is gorgeous - red merino that looks and feels like cashmere - totally yummy.

Saturday I drove to Brooklyn to drop off some yarn to a lovely lady who is starting a knit/crochet group for kids in her area, from there I decided to go to Yarnivore, but there was no one there, undaunted I moved on to The Yarn Tree, which was open - and mercifully - air conditioned! - I spent some money there. I bought 2 skeins of alpaca/pima cotton in a soft peach color, bamboo needles, a present for my crochetville SP and just drooled over the beautiful wools that were there. I used my 10% coupon from the Brooklyn Fleece Festival.

Sunday I finished Clue #2 for the Mystery Stole - knitting with that yarn is like knitting with sewing thread - I can barely make out the pattern. It is soooo light and airy - I think it will be lovely when it is finished. Spent the rest of my day working on the Lace Leaf shawl - I can't wait to finish this - it I really like the way it is working up.

While I was with Illanna Friday - she mentioned this craft Festival in Brooklyn on the 25 & 26th - The Renegade Craft Fair - It looks like lots of fun. If anyone is interested in going drop me a note.

Well it's back to work for me...........

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Micky said...

I am in that KAL too. I haven't started yet cause I am waiting on a needle delivery. But I have been sitting down writing out the pattern my way so I can decipher it.