Wednesday, June 29, 2005

RAOK Goodie

Just want to shout out to Dani - she sent me a wonderful ROAK - Knitting Lessons .

She sent a note saying she thought I could use a pick me up after all the car problems this week. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

The car is currently running well - occasionally it still feels a little wonky, but David said that sometimes it takes a while for the computer to reset it self completely so I am not going to panic for at least a week. Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts and good vibes.

Friday we are driving down to Baltimore with the kids - we are going to visit David's father and step mother. I have spent way to much money this week so I won't be visiting any of the cool LYS in the area. But we made our big vacation plans for Sept tonight 4 Nights in Las Vegas at Luxor ( I am just an Egypt geek) 2 nights in Zion National Park and 4 nights in Salt Lake City. If any one knows of good LYS in or around these areas - drop me a note - we will be doing a lot of driving so anywhere within driving distance is fine.

Thanks to everyone who has entered my contest - I will post the winner on Monday July 4th - so you still have time to leave a comment - just say you want to enter the contest - and win the White Lies Designs Pattern.

Have a wonder Holiday Weekend!


Dreamy said...

Zion is beautiful! Lucky! And Vegas too... you know, I only live a couple of hours away from Vegas and I've been meaning to shanghai dh into taking me... it'd be cool to meet up. :) Don't know about any good LYS's but I will tell you that the Forum Shops @ Ceasar's Palace are my absolute favorite. :) Angela

Dani said...

WOW! That was fast!!! Im glad it arrived quickly and that the "pick me up" worked!

Isn't it nice to have a trip to look fwd to? You're going to have such a great time!!

Micky said...

Have a wonderful time. A vacation and going to LYSs, wow you are a lucky girl.

The "Other" Colette said...

Having had similar experience with sensors I can tell you that they indeed do need to reset themselves. Give it a day or so of driving at different speeds etc.

You trip sounds fabulous. If you want info about yarn stores in the Salt Lake area contact or visit her at She lives in the area and can give you the dish on the must see places for yarn.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a week long trip to SLC! You are going to laugh when you get what I just mailed you about 2 hours ago...
SLC has the BEST LYS I have ever been to (okay, that's not saying much because, not kidding, there are 2 LYS in my state). I had several hours of free time so I went to 5 stores! One was in Sandy, about 30 min. south of SLC, called the Unraveled Ewe, I think. The next one was the Wool Cabin, the local yarnies call it the granola store, lots of wool and natural stuff. My absolute favorite was Soul Spun Yarn on East 3300 South (pretty close to the Westminster College area). There were so many fabulous, trendy yarns and it was so well organized. And the store catered to crochet. I'm trying to think of more reasons to get back there... And SLC is so beautiful, you will definitely enjoy your trip!

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