Sunday, January 15, 2006

How can you grow old, you were my triumph?

So I am sitting here on the bed in my hotel room in Port Jefferson - my first District practice meeting for the new software is tmrw and I am planning to take a hot bath then try to finish my scarf exchange scarf - I am woefully behind where I wanted to be by now. This computer training has really beat me down - I am so mentally shot by the time I get home I can't follow the simplist pattern.

I only made 1 resolution this year - I resolved not to get old. I don't mean that I don't intend to grow older (though I have decided that 49 will be my last birthday - after that is will be my annual 49th birthday party) What I mean is that I am not going to let myself get old - being old is not an age it is a feeling and lately I have been feeling very very old. But I have realized I don't have to let myself be that way - I am a vibrant, interesting and creative woman - I just need to remember that and stop letting things I can't control beat me down. Hence my New Year's Resolution.

In the spirit of feeling younger, I decided that I have gained way way too much wait over this last year and that I needed to do something now to address that - so I joined eDiets on Jan 1 and so far I have lost 5lbs. The plan is so easy and tailored to my likes and dislikes and includes fast foods and conveniece foods so it is really simple to prepare for my week. I will try to post my progress and my review of the plan for anyone interested - I just don't want to bore anyone with the dull details.

I joined Secret Pal 7 - I am really excited - I have heard from my pal and I left 2 messages for my pal. I had fun the last time I did this (SP4) so I am looking forward to getting to know 2 new fiber junkies! I ordered some lovely roving for my pal from a favorite source - I so want to learn to spin some day.

It was a nice uneventful drive here -(yeah, freezing - man it is cold out )- listended to Postal Service on the way here - nice thing about driving alone is I can listen to whatever I want.

Please excuse any typo - spell check does not seem to be working tonight


Trixie said...

Port Jefferson? NY ?

If so, please check the phone book in the hotel room for a family with the last name St. John. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

So true on the becoming older but not getting old. I want to be one of those vibrant, young at heart old people. It's all in the attitude (and making good living choices - eating right, etc.).

Good luck! I'll have to check out the eDiet site too.

Your Secret Pal.

alice said...

danfords? you're TWO BLOCKS FROM ME. how long will you be there? we should do tea :)

Anonymous said...

Where are you, my secret pal giftee? Are you still with us? Are you buried under a pile of work? We want to hear from you!

Your Secret Pal Gifter