Thursday, January 26, 2006

NYC folk - maybe you can help me?

I need to plan an business meeting in Feb for my Manhattan District - about 15 - 18 people - Can any of you suggest a cool - interesting place to hold it? I would need conference facilities - internet access, screen for presentations etc. Since this is a new gig for me, I would really like to plan something different/fun - I could also use dinner/evening ideas too - leave a comment or email me.



Anonymous said...

Hey there SP. I'm glad you like the goodies. I wanted to give you a little taste of California.

More SP fun headed your way next month!

Your SP7

Rosa said...

I know this is late, and you probably have already set a place in nyc, but the W hotels are always great for conferences. My hub used one in New Orleans and it went over really well. Very new wavey.

P.S. What needle are you using on your white lace cardigan? It's going to be gorgeous!