Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reasons to be cheerful

Warning - Picture heavy post.

I have been enjoying a very good weekend - I had the apt. to myself Friday night while David and the boys were at Scouts - I was able to finish the hat to go with the scarf for the exchange:
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Saturday I spent the morning running errands - I found a great clearance sale at Dress Barn - I bought 2 skirts for $25! I am planning to take them to Fla. in March for the National Sales meeting. I also went to A.C. Moore they were having a 25% off all yarn and accessories - I bought some DPN's and 3500 yds of bedspread cotton in natural - I plan to make this:
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Here you can see the yarn and my start:
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Saturday night David and I took the boys to their swim class - they are working towards their Swimming merit badge. The class is at the Forest Hills Community Center, we dropped the kids off and went for a walk. We ended up at Barnes and Noble - David went looking for train books and I went to the knitting section. I spent some time looking through the new books there. There were a lot of books - I liked Last Minute Knitted Gifts, Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas, Knitting over the Edge, Alterknits and Modular Knits by Iris Schrier. I was disappointed by The Knitting Experience: Color. David said I could pick out 2 books for my Valentine gift so I picked out these:
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I love the Rowan book - there are so many things I would love to make:
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

The Lion book had a few things I like, but I really bought it for the cover sweater and a vest:
Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket I also like this shawl - Image hosting by Photobucket

This morning when I weighed in on eDiets I was down another 1.5 lbs for a total of 8 since Jan 2 - so that started my Sunday off well! Tomorrow is the day we go live at work with our new computer system - I won't have any time to do anything crafty at work for at least the next 3 months, so I won't have too many projects completed winter. I am hoping to have 12 finished projects by the end of the year - I am really good at starting but not so good at finishing.


Ary said...

I love the hat and scarf you knitted. They are beautiful! I also love the books. I'm going to have to check out B & N and look for them. Have a great day!

Ruinwen said...

I love the pattern on the hat and scarf they are so lovely!


Trixie said...

I love a man who gives you a day at home to dawdle over projects and then buys you 2 books for a gift! He is a KEEPER!

I think the lovely white sweater seems light weight enough to wear in Florida when you go. I like the monotone look of the white shirt and white sweater together. Classic. With a nice solid skirt.

Oops. The dog is acting like she needs to go out. Later!

Michelle said...

Hi Colette!

When you posted scarf photos on the ISE blog, I said to myself, "Wow, I hope that one is for me!" And it is!!! I'm so excited!! Thank you SO much...the set is beautiful, and I know I'm going to love it.

Mitchypoo said...

Love the purple lace scarf, it's lovely. The crochet sweater is gorgeous, but looks so delicate and detailed. Good choice on your books. How sweet.

Anonymous said...

The purple hat/scarf is just stunning!

Congrats on the weight loss.


Micky said...

Beautiful finishes. Have fun with all that great new stuff you found.

Tandi said...

Love the purple scarf and hat. They both turned out great.
And the bedspread cardy looks really cute.
Congrats on continuing to lose weight!

Dipsy D. said...

Amazing FOs, purple is my favorite color and it's just a feast for the eyes to look at the great work you've done! Wow, those new stuff you've found is great, there'd be a couple of things I'd try my hands at as well! Good luck and a lot of fun with these projects! Oh, and congrats on the weight loss!

Norah said...

The purple scarf and hat are gorgeous! What a cool hubby to let you pick out knitting/crocheting books for Valentine's Day!