Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Been around the world and found

That only stupid people are breeding - and their offspring all work with me. Ok maybe not all of them - but a good number.

I am so tired off asking people to pay attention and send me the information I am asking for -

I had a lousy day today and I am staying home tonight and vegging. I had a great weekend, but since I got back to work I have been really cranky and irritated.

David surprised me with a get away weekend - he wouldn't tell me where we were going, just to pack a bag and bring walking shoes. We left Saturday morning after dropping the boys off.

This is where we went:
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Also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania - he had planned on spending the weekend hiking the trails, but everything was waterlogged. The scenery was really pretty though -
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Since hiking was not an option we decided to drive up to Binghamton, we drove around looking for trains (he was driving after all) and spent the night at a Comfort Inn then took the scenic drive home on Sunday. It really was a fun trip!


Deneen said...

Good for you and your getaway-looks lovely.

Melissa said...

looks like you had a nice time. PA is so pretty!

i know all about the "train chasing" my dad used to do the same thing when we were younger. has he ever been to the horseshoe curve in Altoona, PA? it's a good one for train lovers!

eyeknit4u said...

wow that just looks so stunning.. and boy were you up high :-)