Sunday, December 18, 2005

Early birthday goodies

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The boys gave me my birthday presents last night - The Delivery Man by Elvis Costello and the Veronica Mars Soundtrack. I have been listening to both since I opened them - I am am liking very much.  I teased David that he finally found a soundtrack that I would listen too - he has dozens - I have one (Party Party from way back in the 80's).  David also gave me a new laptop case.  It actually came in the mail a few weeks ago, I was home when it was delivered so I opened it then - couldn't wait to use it.  I really like it - there is lots of room and it is more comfortable to carry than my old one.

I am spending most of today cleaning up the apt so I can put up our tree tomorrow.  I finally cleared up a large enough area to put a small one up.  Now I have to go do laundry - Later..............



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Happy Birthday!

I love the Veronica Mars soundtrack, in fact I ended up buying Spoon's album because I loved I Turn my Camera on so much.