Thursday, December 22, 2005

No Sleep Tonight

But not for the same reason the Faders mean - I am sick - I have had a head cold since Monday night - yes the same Monday night that was my 44th birthday - bah humbug!

I had a very nice day - just not the one I planned. David surprised me by taking the day off too, so I didn't have the day to myself after all. I did get my hair cut - I must be feeling retro cause I swear I had the same do in the 80's. So I spent the morning running errands, hanging with David and getting sick. That night we went to dinner - yes we went to our place: Sizzler - then came home and went to bed. I was happy to spend the day with him - I was just a little disappointed - I was looking foreward to some ME time.

The congestion seems to be moving from my head to my chest as I sit here drinking hot tea and popping cold pills while watching the Ranger game and blogging - I love multi-tasking.

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