Sunday, December 04, 2005


David left for work this morning at 5:30, at 5:31 I hear him come back in - "What's wrong?" I ask - "I think it would be a good idea if I wore my boots today - since it is snowing and all" he says. "Snow! No sh#$" says I as I roll over and bury my head under the down comforter. I do love Sundays.

So I promised some pictures (By the way - thank you to everyone who left encouraging comments and emails - I appreciate your good thoughts)

First I want to show progress photos on the scarf I am making for the International Scarf Exchange:
Image hosted by and

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Neither is true to color - it is more of a warm plum not a blue/purple. I like the pattern and the yarn is a dream to knit with. I am also knitting a hat. I have to make my own pattern since there isn't one available. I am thinking I will go down 1 or 2 needle sizes - the scarf is on size 7, so I am thinking a size 5 would be good - I am planning to start with about 1 in of stockinette before starting the pattern so the edge will roll then knit the pattern repeat 2x before starting the decreases. I am hoping this will work and look good. Anyone have any suggestions?

I also mentioned I had made some new necklaces - here are a couple of pictures:
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This is made from some glass beads I picked up at the New A.C. Moore that just opened by me on Union Tpke - I really like they way this turned out.

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This is made from a necklace I had bought over 20 years ago at Brentanno's when they where still on 5th Ave. It broke a long time ago - I saved the heart and as many of the jade beads as I could. I bought some gold beads and red jasper from Firemountain Beads and put them all together in this design. I really like the jade and red jasper together. I had enough to make matching earrings - I will also make a bracelet, but I need to buy a gold clasp to finish that.

This is a picture of some books I got from my bookclub and what I scored at The Strand last time I was downtown:
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I finished The Rule of Four - If anyone wants to read it - drop me a line and I will mail it to you - I liked it - kind of reminded me of what the Da Vinci Code would have been like if written by Umberto Eco.

Now I really should go out and clean off my car, since it doesn't look like it is going to melt.

ETA: I went to go outside and found a package in the hall - my Crochetville Holiday Gift Exchange package came!!!! Melanie emailed my that she was sending it out on the 29th and since if was coming from West Yorkshire - I thought it would take longer, I am so pleased it came today. I have really needed a pick-me-up and all the wonderful goodies she sent have certainly done the trick!

Image hosted by
Here is closeup of the fairy broach:
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There is a beautiful wool capelet, a crochet wool purse, a wool skinny scarf, bath salts, chocolates, a trinket box, a crochet bookmark and snowflake. All beautifully made and gratefully received - Thank you again Melanie.

Here is a picture of my snowy car:
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PS the color of the capelet in the top picture is closest to what the scarf color is like.


Beth said...

Hi Colette! I love the two necklaces. And you're right, the red jasper looks great with the jade. You have a great eye for beading.

They're calling for snow and sleet tonight ... we'll see!

Heather said...

Ooo...I love the necklaces and matching earrings. Very pretty. The scarf is turning out gorgeous, too!

Micky said...

That scarf is lovely and the true color is really pretty.
Just sit back, and enjoy all those goodies.

Donyale said...

I'm liking your blog - found you via the International Scarf Exchange - nice necklace in the Christmas party picture. Have you started on Eldrest? That one looks interesting - would love to know what you think ( I am not asking so you will send it to me cause it would cost a bomb in postage to my house - just interested) :)