Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Step away from that ledge my friend

In 5 days I will turn 44. I have decided to take the day off from work and treat myself to a little much needed R&R. First up will be a haircut - I am looking very shaggy these days. Then I plan to hop on the F and head downtown. I want to make this:
Image hosted by
Purl carries Alchemy patterns, but doesn't have it listed on their website - I just called and they think they might have it - if not they will order it. I am hoping to be able to pick it up with some yarn on Monday. I also plan to hit The Point and School Products and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I want to see Walk the Line too and since no one I know will go with me - I might try to catch the matinee some where. I love me some Johnny Cash!

Scarf update:
Image hosted by
I have almost finished the first half - each side is knit then grafted together - I even picked up a great idea for the hat from Susan that is based on a doily pattern.

I just need to sit and knit!


Heather said...

I'd love to sit and knit too. Happy Birthday!

Micky said...

Hope your birthday turns out great!
That is looking very nice.
You are a cute cartoon!

Michele said...

That scarf is gorgeous! Nicely done.

I hope you have a great birthday. Sounds like you have it planned just right.

Happy knitting, M

Dani said...

Happy Early Birthday! Sounds like you have the day planned beautifully - ENJOY!

Debi said...

Absolutely smashing scarf, and what a gorgeous color. Your scarf pal is going to go wild over this, I'm certain. Gorgeous job!!!