Saturday, February 11, 2006

La Vie en Rose

So much going on here - I found a nursing home for my mother - my brother is no longer speaking to me, work is making me crazy and I am very very tired. I thought I would have this weekend to myself - David and the boys were going camping - they left last night, but came back tonight due the the blizzard we are expecting. My apartment is in desperate need of a total deep cleaning and my closets are jammed full of clothes I really need to get rid of.

I didn't join the knitting olympics - I have too many things on my needles as it is, but I did see on someone's blog the FO olympics - that I can get behind. I took out the bag with my A Good Bias I had only a few rows to finish on the first sleeve, which I did tonight and started on the second sleeve - I want to finish it and take it to Fla next month - the Sales dept is going to Orlando for the annual sales meeting. I bought 2 very cute skirts from Dress Barn and I picked up some matching beads from AC Moore - now all I need is a cocktail dress and new shoes.

I can't wait for the hockey to start in Torino - I am a winter olympics fan - I love hockey and snowboarding followed by ice skating and skiing - speed skating and mogul not so much. I root for everybody and love when an unexpected athlete wins. The only thing I don't like are the commentators and the judges - they are both so biased and not in a good way!


FaeryCrafty said...

I'm sorry about your brother. I wish you the best in the KO.

Deneen said...

Sorry about your brother, I'm sure the decision about your mom was a very tough one, but from what I read here, she needed constant supervision.

My thoughts are with you-keep warm!

Trixie said...

I am so glad that you found a facility for your mother! This is a very hard decision for any child to make. Hugs of support are coming your way!