Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Dirty Little Secret Dirty Little Secret

I have to admit it - get it off my chest - I am obsessed, mesmorized even by..................

The woman's team has come up with an unusual way to promote interest in their sport.

Every Winter Olympics I am glued to the set, weirdly fascinated by the 45 lb granite rocks sliding down the ice. Please someone 'splain it to me!!!

Men's Hockey starts tomorrow - yeah - I sport I love and am not ashamed to admit to.

In other news, I receive the silk lace wt I ordered from Hip Knits in Chocco - it is lovely and so soft and shiny, the skein I ordered is not a full150g - it is roughly 1200 - 1300 meters. I am planning to make a light shawl for the spring - any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have almost finished the Romantic Cardi - pictures to follow.


Michele said...

Just for that, you get to be an honourary Canadian. I, too, am obsessed with curling, could watch it all day long. And I do during the championships. Welcome!

Micky said...

It just so happens that when your page loaded, the song Dirty Little Secret was on the radio. Spooky huh?
Yeah I caught myself staring at the t.v. yesterday morning. I was trying to figure out how they scored and stuff. I told my husband I guess they didn't have toys when they were kids and had to play with rocks.
I am sure whatever you make with it, it will be beautiful. I think I have been bitten by the lace bug myself. I have already ordered a couple of patterns and yarn, even though I am making Rosy at the moment. Shh, don't tell anybody.