Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So many projects, so much yarn, such a short attention span

Last night I went to the LIC Knit group at Communitea on Vernon Blvd - it was fun, I love meeting other knitters. I definitely plan on going again!

Progress Update:
I brought A Good Bias with me last night - I am hoping to finish this before I leave for FLA March 22 - I am pretty sure I will make it.

I should have the romantic cardi finished by this weekend - I had to upsize it a little and the rows are now taking what feels like forever to complete, but the end is in site.

I think I mentioned that I had bought some silk lace wt yarn from HipKnits here is the yarn:
Image hosting by Photobucket I have a slightly smaller skein ~1200-1300 meters. This is the project I am considering:
Image hosting by Photobucket You can see the pattern here - I wanted to try something really challenging with this - I think I can continue the swirl portion of the pattern and use larger needles so that I can make a circular shawl out of this. I will keep you posted once I cast on. If anyone has tried and (hopefully succeeded) in making a shawl out of a doily pattern, drop me a note and let me know how it worked out and if you have any tips on how not to make my self crazy with this - I would truly appreciate it!

I also think that I want to make this out of this:
Image hosting by Photobucket This is the Lorna's Laces I received from my SP7
I know the picture of the shawl is a little bright, but I really love the Feather and Fan stitch and with this pattern I can just knit till I run out of yarn - I think it will look gorgeous in the LL

The thread crochet cardi is looking good, slow going but very relaxing to work on.

The FBS I am knitting in the Alpaca/Angora blend is still on the needles as is the Spiral Nebula from the Alpaca I picked up in Rhinebeck - some day they will be done. I should really finish them before I start anything else - I know I having knitting ADD and I really need to finish something before I finish anything else!


Anonymous said...

OMG - that doily/shawl will be gawgeous! Challenging? I'll say!

Looking forward to see how the LL knits up - I love feather/fan patterns in pretty varigated yarns.


Knit Freak said...

it was great to meet you hopefully we will see you next week

Mary said...

Can you give me any more information about Communitea? I'm in Queens too, and might like to stop in.

Rainbow Spinner said...

Hey - Thanks for the Feather and Fan shawl pattern. I love Sarah's work - she's so talented. The shawl is exactly what I have been looking for. I have spun a heap of silk and would like to try it.

Thanks again - love your work


knit chick said...

I think a feather and fan pattern would look lovely with the LL Vera. I love that colorway. My last SP gifted me with it, too. I made my first socks from it.

Julie said...

I have made a 1/2 circular shawl by doing a doily pattern written for tiny thread on tiny needles in mohair on size 8 needles. The doily had 8 segments and I made 4 to make it a semi-circle. It's great.