Wednesday, May 04, 2005

SP Goodies

I just wanted to post thank you to my Secret Pal's. I received my reveal packages from both my Crochetville and SP4 Pals.

First up this is what came from Pam (yarnmistress) at Crochetville:
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The beads are hand made and I can't wait to make a necklace out of them!

This is what my SP4 , Teresa sent me from Germany:
Image hosted by
There is Belgian Chocolate in a can, 2 skiens of lace wt yarn from knit picks - heavenly! - a tea pot, a German cookbook, a patternbook with gorgeous summer tops (in German - any one know a good translator?) the best tote, that she made herself out of really cool map print material and a pretty metal tin with chocolates (the chocolates are gone - the tin is holding stitch markers now)

I really loved everything I received from both my SP and had a lot of fun participating - can't wait to start the next one.

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Lisa P said...

Oooo! Look at all the lovely goodies! :D