Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sith Happens

David and I saw Revenge of the Sith yesterday. It was the first movie we have seen since Hellboy. If you have not seen it yet - don't read any further.

First - it is he best of the prequels. I enjoyed the first 20 minutes of this movie more then either of episodes I and II. That said - I was still disappointed - what I loved about Star Wars most was the characters - Those three movies had heart & soul as well as special effects. These later 3 lost that. Yes this movies answers most of your questions, but - for me it raises more. Like how could Palatine have studied the dark side - who was his master and how come no one realized he was rotten to the core till he already was in control? And did Anakin ever look around him - I mean how could he expect to save Padme using the dark force - did he ever see a happy sith with a wife & child? And how could murdering children be the right decision?!?! Sure he cried - but what was he thinking? Obviously Anikin had a few problems that everyone seems to have dismissed.

Anakin's physical transformation into Darth Vader was probably the most striking and effective part of the movie. When that helmet locks on, there is silence -then the sound of that breathing - I actually shivered. But that was a reaction brought on by memories of Star Wars and not because I cared about Anakin. He never seemed to be a fully realized person. That is true of everyone in this movie. Padme lost all her spark - she looks beautiful but it is hard to see Leia in her. Only Obi Wan felt real to me and I have a few questions about him too - how could he leave Anakin there in the lava, suffering like that - wouldn't it have been more merciful to kill him? To end his pain and make sure he couldn't return? I know it wouldn't have worked for the movie plot - but I know I couldn't have left him there suffering like that, no matter what he had done.

The action scenes and SFX were great - but the heart of the movie should have been the people not the technology.

I left the theatre very sad - I was crying - David said that now I didn't have to drag him to a chick flick 'cause I got my tearjerker.

I want to rewatch the original trilogy now - just not right away - I don't want to od on star wars, but I think having seen this movie - it will make the others even better, now that I know the whole back story.

I rate Revenge of the Sith B+ - it was good, but it could have ben better. Less light sabers and more character development.


Trixie said...

You are so RIGHT ON about this movie. The best part was the lava/transformation. Padme lost her spark - hell yes ! Oh and I was horrified that killing the children got almost no reaction from her. Like...humm..."He couldn't have done that..just couldn't..I mean *gasp* it could have been our baby in that room."
And what gives with Obi Wan visiting her in private off screen and then coming back and saying "he's the father isn't he ?" If he knew, why didn't he report Anakin ? It's not like brain-dead Padme could have BLOCKED those thoughts from a Jedi MASTER, right?? Hrrrr. I just get worked up about it all.

Cyndy said...

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Cyndy said...

Sorry about the typos!

Liz said...

The "original" movies, as they were, don't exist any more. Unfortunately Terror lost my copy of the third Star Wars movie back when she was in the sixth grade - and I couldn't get another copy of it because all that exists now is that inane "special editino" crap and I hated what they ddi to the end of the third movie. I heard that they changed it even further for the "new" special edition that was released in the newest set.

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