Sunday, February 20, 2005

All the stuff I have been meaning to post...

Catchy title, huh? After blogger kept eating the end of my last post, I decided I was just too sick to deal with it and left it alone for a while. I still feel like crap, the pernicious evil ( for those familiar with TCM) has settled in my lungs - I should be coughing one up soon, [edit - blogger just ate most of this post too, so it is a lot shorter than originally planned - I am too tired to retype the whole thing]

but I wanted to finish thanking Rebecca at for the wonderful RAOK she sent me:
which included a whole bunch of this:
that I have been drinking gallons of in an effort to feel better. Thank you!

I also want to thank my Crochetville SP - she sent me the most awesome gift - Green Day's American Idiot! I immediately uploaded it to my computer and MP3 player and have been happily listening to it ever since. SP you ROCK!


Elisa said...

Wow - what a great SP package! I had a great time participating in a SP program, and I love seeing all the thoughtful things that people send to their pals.

I also wanted to say thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog - thanks very much for stopping by!

Take care, and have a great week.

itgirl said...

Hope my mother's beagles didn't bother you too much when you were in Saratoga, they're quite loud. Glad you liked the package!

Heather said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!

I love the rack you have for your tea and have been looking for something just like that, where did you get it?