Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Slow day....

My day job is as a inside sales contact for sales dept of a large commercial supply co. Basically I am on the phone all day checking prices, tracking orders and answering questions. These last 2 days the sales dept has been in meetings and my phone is hardly ringing. Gives me time to read the 267 feeds on bloglines.

I heard from my SP - she sounds like a fun person! Actually I heard from both my SP's - SP4 and Crochetville. I think I really lucked out, they are both people I am glad to get to know. I sent a few notes and ecards to my SP's - hope they enjoy them. I am going to work on some gifty mailings this weekend - I have loads of ideas on stuff to send both of them.

I managed to wind 1 ball of live lobster last night - I'll post pic later. Hopefully my needle will arrive today and I can cast on for Mariah - I am doing nothing tonight but knit! Unless my beads show up - then I will crochet too!

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DAWN said...

Thanks for the website to more handpainted yarn, Colette. It is so beautiful! What are you trying to do to me?