Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pain, suffering and massage

How's that for a catchy title? Let me explain, yesterday I woke up with the Migraine From Hell - I felt like that Imitrex add where the meteor lands on top of the person! I haven't had one that bad since I went off the Pill ( the hormones made the headaches worse). Spent all of yesterday in the dark with the phones turned off and a towel over my eyes so that the lights and sounds of Saturday wouldn't kill me, though death seemed an improvement over the pain and nausea. I had to cancel all my plans - David and the boys went without me. I wanted to meet my girlfriend Sharon last night - a mutual friend was playing at a bar on the Island, instead I was home praying for the headache to go away and that I wouldn't throw up.

This is way I didn't post yesterday that I received 2 packages in the mail, the first was from my Crochetville Hat swap buddy - a beautiful purple hat and scarf:

The second was from my Secret Pal: Isn't that the coolest needles case?! I love the edging she used as a tie! and the colors are just perfect! If I hadn't felt so crappy yesterday - I would have posted these immediately! Oh and Secret Pal - I don't really have a favorite show - I love CSI and, ssshhhh,..... Desperate Housewives (don't tell anyone ok?) But I always forget when things are on - oh yeah I liked Medium too.

I bet you are wondering where the massage comes in? Well that is today - I have a workshop on Hot Stone Massage which I am leaving for in a few minutes - I am so glad it is today and not yesterday - cause even though I have a post migraine hangover - I feel a million times better than I did yesterday and I can go - I wouldn't have made it on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I used to get terrible migraines pretty regularly, so I can relate to the wanting to die because of the pain. I have always found that puking helps though. Don't know why, but once I "call up Chuck on the big white phone" it lessens the pain.

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Stone massage sounds really cool!]


amanda said...

hope your head is feeling a lot better by now! and your needle case is great--such a sweet secret pal.