Monday, February 07, 2005


Yesterdays workshop was incredible! You can not image how comforting and wonderful this massage is. There were 14 therapists there, it was really crowded and we kept blowing the fuse so we had to turn off 2 of the roasters. Oh course mine was one of them, so me and my partner had to share some else's hot stones. But aside from that minor inconvenience, it was a great class. I can not wait to start offering this service. It is such a treat for the client and the therapist. It is almost a spiritual experience, you just relax and open up and float away - truly amazing!!

Unfortunately, I was exhausted by the time I got home - all I did was eat and go to bed, so this was a non knitting weekend. I started Mariah on Friday, but only just started chart B so there is really no progress yet. I wanted to swatch my Moscow Pink Peace fleece for Must Have Too, maybe after David and I get back from shopping tonight. It's the boys birthday next week and we are going gift shopping out to Roosevelt Field tonight. Which cool, cause one of the therapists yesterday was using this really wonderful oil, Rosemary Mint - which smelled heavenly!, She bought it in the mall, so I will see if I can find some. Gotta buy something for me too!

That about sums up my weekend - oh and thanks again secret pal - you rock!

PS - If you like really good tea - check out the link for Adagio Tea on my sidebar - really yummy!


alice said...

where did you take the workshop? the swedish institute offers one which i've been thinking about trying out...

Shannon said...

oo, I love that Peace Fleece! Three of the girls in my SnB have done everyday cardigans frmo them and they LOVE them.