Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wednesday update

Yeah it is Wednesday - I have a vacation day tmrw - David and I are driving up to Albany for the day. If anyone knows of good LYS between NYC and Albany - let me know. I have had the Periwinkle Sheep in Albany recommended, so I am planning on stopping there. I will be bringing the FBS with me to work on while David watches trains go by. David has been on vacation all week - as a member of the NYPD he gets a ridiculous # of vacation days, since I don't get nearly as many I am only taking 1 day off to spend with him.

Last night I met my friend Sharon for dinner, we went to a very nice place on 43rd & 9th Ave - Zuni - I would definitely recommend it - delicious food, great service and excellent prices. I had a wonderful grilled Mediterranean Salad and Sharon had the grilled Mahi Mahi.

When I got home, the new issues of Interweave Knits and Knitters arrived. There are lots of things I like in IK, not as much in Knitters.

Will have pictures later.


itgirl said...

It's been awhile but I recall Amazing Threads in Kingston being pretty good.

Cate said...

Well, I think that Stephanie/Yarn Harlot claims that Morehouse Merino, with a retail store in Rhinebeck called In Sheep's Clothing is knitter's crack. I drove by it on my trip to NY S&W, but didn't stop because of the two kids in the car. Have a good trip!

Michelle said...

Hi! Thanks for the birthday wishes you left on my blog! :)