Monday, January 31, 2005

Monday - bleh!!!

I am finally home - had to take my mother to the doctor tonight, and with the gigantic mounds of snow piled up on the streets and my mothers inability to walk (she refuses to use a walker and doesn't manage well with a cane) it took a lot longer and was much more stressful than usual. But now I am home and fed and destressing at my computer.

I managed to do a few more rows of the FBS yesterday - I really love this pattern - and now that the knitting gremlins are leaving me alone.... well I'm not jinxing it again by saying anything. I was thinking about adding beads on the points around the edge - has anyone done this? As you can see I am mad about beads! If anyone does buy beads, check out The Bead Wrangler. I placed an order last night and got an email today that they shipped out priority mail today! Is that service or what?

I plan on winding the rest of my live lobster yarn into balls tonight because I am just too wired to do any lace knitting. I want to get it wound so that when my Plymouth Bamboo needles arrive (did I mention that I think these are the best bamboo circular needles around - much nicer that Clover or Crystal Palace with those nasty metal joins) I can cast on Mariah. I am looking forward to that, I love cables almost as much as I love lace.

Does anyone know how to set blogger so that I can respond directly to someones comments - right now I get an email telling me I have a comment but I can't email the person back - the email address is <> Is there some way to change this?

Speaking of comments - thanks Deb for the ideas for my beef stew - I love turnips and greens - I will try that next time I make it.

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Trish said...

If a person chooses to have their email public through blogger then you will be able to respond, people who don't use blogger can add their email to their comment but many people don't. You can change the option to not accept anonymous posts. Otherwise, there are other commenting things out there that I don't konw anything about, but they are different. Hopefully someone else will comment on them for you. Since I use blogger, you should be able to reply back to my comment and it will come to me email :)