Thursday, January 27, 2005


Remember when I said that the FBS was just flying off my needles? Well in the future remind me not to say stuff like that anymore. Last night it took me 3 hours - 3 HOURS - to knit 10 rows. I tinked twice as much as I knit. I missed a yo somewhere and could not get the pattern to work out again; knit a row - no not enough stitches, rip out; knit a row, still wrong, rip out; over and over. Finally at 10:42 last night - right # of stitches in the right place, creating the correct pattern. I have one very wonky looking flower basket, but I think I should be ok (the knitting goddess willing).

I also decided to rip out the Lopi poncho I started and use that yarn for Mariah - this is the Live Lobster color yarn that I think will look cool in this sweater. Once I finish the FBS I will cast on this this one.

Then there is this - hosted by Nathania & Norma - I have the pattern and have been wanting to make this one for a long time (seems a lot of other people have too!)


Jessica said...

You are my knitting twin. I also was flying along yesterday on the shawl marveling at how easy and fast it was. Then whammo! Every row I'm missing something or other...have to tink back...count...figure out what the heck I did.

Colette said...


I always wanted a sister;) Last night was much better, I finished another repeat in a lot less time, but I still have to count the number of stitches in every row to make sure I haven't screwed up again. I really like this pattern, I just can't let myself be distracted while knitting.

Lisa P said...

Oh I know what you mean. I did the same thing recently when doing some decreases on a hat. For some reason, they were just -not- lining up properly. It's because I kept miscounting. Grr... :)

Colette said...

Yeah, sometimes knitting is just like math, arrgghhh!