Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yarn & Flowers & Secret Pal's Oh My!

This is turning out to be a very good weekend. Yesterday I received my Secret Pal for SP4, I also received the name of the person I am making a shawl for the Crochetville Shawl/Poncho Swap plus the name of the person for the Crochetville Spring SP and my February Flower partner too! Oh Boy! I love these swaps and secret pals - It is so much fun surprising people with goodies. I know how much I love it when someone sends me a gifty in the mail just because. It really does make whatever crap went on during that day seem totally insignificant.

So in honor of all my SP's, I went yarn shopping yesterday. I went to Smileys and picked up some pretty pink mohair to make flowers got the Flower exchange - I have already made some in wool, but I wanted to try a soft fuzzy yarn too. I also picked up the yarn I need to finish my nephews' hoodie and some green yarn to make leaves. I bought Knit 1 finally - some really cute things in there. I saw a bunch of things I want to pick up for my SPs. I plan ongoing back soon.

I started the shawl last night for my Crochetville Swap - here are a few pictures: It is a sapphire blue yarn from my stash - I wanted to add beads to it - here is a close up: I am just not sure if I like the pearl beads or if I should buy blue beads instead. Any opinions?

I also saw this: which I am planning (I think on picking up for a SP from another list) I though it would make a gorgeous needle holder - it measure 14.5x4x4 so it should hold all your needles perfectly. You can find it here.

Today I am thinking of heading over to the Eastside Knitting meetup at Starbucks on 28th and 3rd. If I finish my housecleaning and laundry and it doesn't snow - I am going to go. I didn't work on the FBS at all yesterday so I will probably take that with me.

Afternoon update: Well I never did get out of the house for the meetup - I don't know, this Sunday just seemed like a cooking and knitting at home kinda day. I have decided to redo the blue shawl with blue beads which I have ordered from here, she has lovely stuff and great cust svc. I am going to make a few other changes but those are a surprise.

On the cooking front, I made the most delicious beef stew in the crock pot. I mixed 1lb beef stew meat (floured and browned) with 1 can condensed tomato soup, rosemary, time, salt and pepper. Wow is it good! I was out of veggies so it is just meat and gravy. Next time I will add carrots, onions, and a little red wine. I just wish I can find a good lemon cake recipe ~ I am so in the mood to bake today.

I am also back to work on the FBS - no comment on the progress ~ I have learned my lesson. I want to cast on for Mariah, I am just waiting for the Size 7 bamboo needle I ordered from Patternworks to show up. They sell plymouth bamboo needles which are my favorite. Well back to my domestic pursuits.


Marvie said...

I think Sapphires and Pearls go very well together *g*

Colette said...

Thanks Marvie, David liked it to - I just worry when I am making something for someone else that they won't like it and I hate for them to be disappointed

ThreeOliveMartini said...

wow i *heart* that stitch.. not sure if i like the pearl beads.. they are nice.. but think maybe a slightly lighter blue or maybe even a silver would be better.. .. and that case.. WOW that is nice !!

Heather said...

That is so beautiful. I like it alot. I can't wait to see the completed shawl!

Deb said...

I think the shawl looks lovely with those beads. I love the needle case and I wish now I had signed up for the flower exchange:) Where are you stuck on the FBS? I enjoyed it, but really had to have stitch markers everywhere!
On the cooking front--winter greens and turnips would be yummy in that stew as well. I love beef stews!