Monday, January 10, 2005


I just posted a bunch of books to the Lost in a Good Book blog (see sidebar ----->)
just email me if you want any and I will mail them out to you!

My home computer lost it's internet connection again this weekend and since David and the boys were both home, I couldn't post anything. I have lots of pictures and stuff I want to show off, hopefully I will be able to do it tonight.

I am mailing out my Crochetville hat today, plus I have a bunch of small RAOK's to send out - I will post those pics later.

I am starting the FBS Redux with the yarn I bought on ebay and I joined the Mariah KAL, which I am thinking of doing in this, which I already own or this which I would have to buy. What do you think?


Violet said...

I like the peace fleece in pink! Make sure you post pics please!

Susan said...

There's certainly appeal to knitting with the yarn you already have. But, oh, that Sheplova Mushroom is to die for!