Wednesday, January 12, 2005

More Pictures

Yes! My internet connection is back! So here are the pictures I promised:

First - Some of the beaded stitch markers I made to send out as RAOK's

Next my yarn for the FBS Redux

And lastly, the Crochetville Hat Swap hat. I really like this hat and I am making one for myself in brown wool. This one is made of a double strand of Barella Sport in deep sage, the rose is one strand of medium sage and 1 strand of natural and is attached to a pin backing so it can be removed.


Suzanne said...

ooh, you will have a divine flower basket shawl! ooooooh...

Natalie said...

That hat is so so cute! What pattern did you use? I'd love to make one. The stitch markers are great too, it's so nice to make gifts for the RAOK, isn't it?
THANK YOU for my gift, by the way, the note cards are so gorgeous! I was so happy to get them and will make sure they go to only the specialest people!

DAWN said...

Love the stitch markers! and the hat is cool... what a lucky swappie you have.