Friday, January 14, 2005

Rainy Friday blahs

It is an incredibly miserable day here in NYC, wet, damp, icky. The weather also seems to be playing havoc with my internet connection at home, so no pictures will be posted till it works itself out.

Since I have been hearing that 2005 is the year of the Sock, here is my nominee for a sock I would actually try to make (I have no love DPN's) I really love these socks, I will probably never make them, but I would love to own them! I received this sock pattern, which I also want, badly. I need to find someone to knit socks for me - yeah that's the answer, I can make something for them and they can knit me socks. Ooohhh, I like that idea.

I have some lovely variegated wool I bought at Knit-Wits in Boise last year, I am thinking about making a Sophie bag out of this. The wool is a blend of soft earthy colors like butter, cream, beige, soft brown etc. I would love to do it with beaded handles as most expertly explained by Norma. I would like to make the handle with matching earthtone beads. I have so many projects I want to start, so this will be on the back burner for a while, but it is something I would like to make this year.

Tomorrow I will head over to Smiley's for the mariah yarn. I am definitely going to make this sweater!


itgirl said...

Apropos of nothing, I found your RAOK in the backlog of my mail (I explain this on my blog) and posted about it. Thank you! It was so sweet!

amanda said...

colette---i was out of town over the weekend so finally posted pics of the stitch markers on my blog. thanks so much! i love them and love the color you chose!

alice said...

hey i'd be happy to make you those socks (the fishnet ones) in exchange for a necklace like the one recently posted, if you think that'd be fair... i just finished my own pair, and they're fantastic!