Monday, January 24, 2005


Not my favorite day of the week, but this one is not as bad as feared. The commute into work this morning was ok - too much traffic, but manageable. My car won't be seen again till the spring thaw, but I can live with that - I don't like to drive anyway, besides it gives an excuse to just stay home and knit (or Crochet - did a lot of both this weekend)


best of all:

I won This from Nancy at Bronx Girl Knits. Is that not the best prize ever!?!

So this is a Monday I can live with.


amanda said...

lucky you! don't you just love koigu?

DAWN said...

Whoa! Lucky you is right--what a great prize! that is some awesome yarn. When you're tired of seeing 'winter white' you can just pull out those skeins to warm you right up...

Anonymous said...

Hope your week is going well, congrats on the Koigu win!
Thankyou very very much for the stitch markers. I love them, they are so pretty, and in my favourite colour too. I'll show them on my blog tomorrow, just took a picture, which unfortunately doesn't do them justice.
Thanks again, you made my day!