Tuesday, March 08, 2005


This is one icky day, the rain is changing to snow, the temperature is dropping and the ick factor just keeps going up - Feels like a Monday.

For a change, my Monday was good - very good! I had that job interview yesterday so I got to sleep a little later. The weather was gorgeous, the was no traffic on the LIE (a minor miracle), I wore heels and didn't break an ankle - a good day. The interview went very well too, I think they are interested and I know I am - so we will see.

On the fiber front - I finished the last pattern repeat on the FBS last night - to night we start the edging and by the weekend it will be blocking happily on the bed.

I received a wonderful package from Deneen at crochetville - I traded her some Fiesta yarn for this beautiful green/brown/rust yarn and she also through a rich dark red chenille. I am thinking I would really like a shrug out of this. I liked Laura's a lot and want one of my own, just with closer fitting sleeves - I have short arms and look stunted with those wide sleeves. I found a couple of patterns I like here and here and here - I have to swatch and see what works. I will post a picture of the yarn later.

It looks very white out there - yuck!

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