Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I am NOT a violent person

So yesterday my boss comes in to give me my review. He has been teasing me all week about what to write in the section that askes about areas for growth or enhancement. He kept saying that he was going to put down that there really weren't any except for my tendency to fly into fits of uncontrollable rage (he was kidding, really, he was kidding...really). I threw a ketchup package at him and we moved on to the next section. Forward to latter that night..........

I got a phone call yesterday from someone in the district office about a job opening - I had spoken to her last year about wanting to move into this area of my company. Anyway she askes me to email her my resume - I say no problem I have a copy on my computer at home - yeah right. Remember last month or so - the computer virus that killed my system - well I know I saved my resume and it's versions and cover letters and thank you notes I had written. Could I find any of this? No - Was it on my computer? No Was it on any of the disks we copied stuff on to? No Was it anywhere in my freakin apartment? NO it wasn't. I ripped my whole apartment apart, cursing and screaming and throwing all kinds of invective around. David chose the safe path of staying out of my way and not offering any sage advice - like asking "where was the last place" I had seen it? If I knew the last place it was I wouldn't be freakin' looking for it!!!!

He left me a voice mail this morning saying he hoped that I had resolved the problem and that there would not be any more problems tonight. He thinks he's cute. I retyped the resume today - emailed it off and have a phone interview tomorrow.

Needless to say, I did not get any knitting done yesterday. I had wanted to finish that last 10 row repeat on the FBS and start the edging - I am going to try again tonight.

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