Tuesday, March 01, 2005

NOT the storm of the century -

Not even the storm of the week. NYC was spared the worst of the weather, my commute was only about a 1/2 longer than usual, although the bus was packed, so no knitting.

Last night I finished my Crochetville Swap Shawl. It is currently hanging, pinned off the top bunk in the boys room, not really blocking just letting the stitches settle. I am pleased with the way it turned out, just a little bummed that I ran out of yarn for the one I was originally making. This one is done in bulky chenille so it worked up quick - it is very soft - David kept petting the yarn as I was making it. I feel a little like I cheated though, 'cause it was so quick and easy, so I am making some accessories to go with it. So far I have made a pair of beaded earrings and I think a pendant will be nice too - I also want to make a purse. I have to see if I can find a coordinating yarn for that!

The cape is coming along quickly too - I was able to knit some more on the bus this morning. Tonight I hope to finish the last repeat on the FBS and start the edging. I can't wait - I really love the yarn for this - I can't wait to see how it looks blocked.


DAWN said...

Thanks for the Tarot reading! that was fun...
Sorry to hear you ran out of yarn for the first shawl (I hate it when that happens) but I bet this one is just as great!
Glad you didn't get socked in with the snow! we got a dusting and it is all gone.


Deneen said...

That's wonderful it didn't ruin your commute (not too much anyway). We had about 4-5" and now it's slushy and messy. My husband commutes 85 miles to Trenton daily, but he's from New England so the snow driving doesn't bother him.

I hate running out of yarn in the middle of a project!! Makes me not want to even do the project ever again.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see waht you have done with the Tudor homespun and this cape pattern. I'm thinking about using some left over homespun that I have to make myself a cape.


CarolBrigid said...

Hi knitwitch - I just found your blog and I totally LOVE the cape - the photos of the girl are beautiful - where can I get the pattern, please? Thank you!