Saturday, March 12, 2005

Poncho's and shawls and hats, oh my!

As I said FBS is finished, and here are the pictures to prove it:

Off the needles -
Image hosted by

Blocking -
Image hosted by There is a slight wonkiness on one side - I knit and unknit about 100 times - fortunately the variegated yarn camoflauges it pretty well. I am a little disapointed that I didn't fix it, but by the time I realized that I hadn't fixed it - I couldn't bring myself to frog the whole thing and start over. It is for me and I will love it and I will definitely make this pattern again - this time without the wonkiness,

From my Crochetville swap buddy Andrea, I received this gorgeous poncho and hat:
Image hosted by Isn't it lovely? I am wearing it to brunch tomorrow so I will try to get a picture of it on.

Here is a picture of a really large flower pin I made from Bernat Galaxy: Image hosted by

Oh and check out the side bar - I joined a really cool exchange - Operation Haremail!


JaG said...

Your bloglist is the longest I have EVER seen!!

toni said...

Your FBS turned out so well. Beautiful!

Julie said...

Your FBS turned out just beautiful!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

omg.. that shawl leaves me breathless.. wonky? i dont see it.. and i am a bg perfectionist.. and others wont see it either when you are wearing it..

Anonymous said...

Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous

Creative Genius? said...

Oh the shawl looks terrific!!! I love it! Hey I am coming to NY in two weeks - I can't wait!!!! I miss home!