Wednesday, March 16, 2005

March is a GOOD month

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This is the color of my A Good Bias - pretty!

I got the job - they called this afternoon to offer me the position - of course I accepted - so I will be working in New Hyde Park now I/o Maspeth (and I will have an office and a new desk and a laptop and oh lots of stuff) I am excited. Of course I won't have much knitting/crochet time - I have to go through some training and will be spending some time in our Albany office - but it is great and I am very happy!


Deneen said...

Wow-what a month you have had! You received your certification and a new job!

Congratulations and good luck!!

itgirl said...

Yay! And you'll be near me when I go to visit my parents in Saratoga!

Kari Holtz said...


Katy said...

I added you to the Good Bias knit-along--welcome aboard!

And congrats on the new job. ;)